lundi 9 janvier 2012

Croissant "cuisine fusion"

You'll probably be surprised by my way of talking , don’t be ashamed, at my age, 71, I'm lucky not to have any complexes any more! Laugh, it's free and spar a thought for those who pay for laugh therapy!
Thank you

As a jury member at the Challenge of Very Good breakfast recipes I have to present my own version of breakfast.

The othes judges are:

I am sure that you will find wonderful recipes on their blogs.

I am a traveller  and I lived all over the world or nearly. Which breakfast will I choose in between  all the ones that are still in my memory.?
I used to travel from Lobito to Antwerp or vice versa, 15 days at sea and I still remember  the exact  taste of the breakfast kippers served on board.
In South Africa there was a vast selection of breakfast buffets, I was always attracted by the haddock or the onions and liver .
Near the Grand Canyon in the United States, at breakfast we were served a plate of eggs, sausage and potatoes, it stalled in the stomach all day.
In Niger, the head of the sheep used in the eve barbecue is provided for breakfast.
Philippines: the essential bowl of noodles
In Brussels at  the Benson Hotel, I enjoyed so much the Nordic breakfast, herring, salmon...

The last straw is that I do not normally eat for breakfast.

At least I  I opted for a delicious version of "fusion cuisine croissant” including:

a croissant from France
mascarpone cheese from Italy
salmon from Norway
pepper citrus from Slovenia
cucumber and lime from ??
trout eggs from Belgium

Preparation is simple.
Split into 2 the croissant
Spread mascarpone on the bottom.
Grind the citrus pepper.
Place a slice of salmon
Garnish with cucumber slices.
Close the croissant.
Garnish with a slice of lemon and some trout eggs.

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